Total Language Plus is an innovative language arts curriculum focused on critical thinking and communication skills.

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Welcome to Total Language Plus

It entertains, inspires, and motivates. Whether homeschooled or taught in private school, your students will master language arts skills and develop a Biblical perspective.

TLP offers literature-based, discovery style learning designed for Christian education. Our authors select exceptional literature and integrate the separate parts of language arts:  spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and writing, as well as critical thinking and communication.

Perfect for Christian schools and homeschools, educators use TLP lesson plans with ease; students respond to the fun curriculum, and minimal prep work makes teaching a pleasure. Lessons include exciting activities and enriching assignments to engage students while educating them. Incorporating award winning novels and classics, we use literature which is captivating for both male and female readers, provides extensive learning opportunities, and is ideal for students from 3rd to 12th grade.

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Essay Contest Winners

We enjoyed reading all the submissions; thank you to all who participated!

We have two winners. Our first-place winner is Lindsey Quiggle. And here is an excerpt from Lindsey’s essay:

Walking up to the stage, I could feel my heart beating faster and faster; my cheeks were flushed; I was the complete embodiment of nervousness. After returning to the center of the stage, everything passed in a blur. Before I knew it, I was in the car and on my way home.

Read Lindsey’s entire essay here.


Our second-place winner is Ashtyn Carrigan. Here is an excerpt:

If I could see the gift that entered into the world in just a deep gaze, then how much greater would it be seeing the baby? I looked over to see the baby girl again and was simply overwhelmed. Knowing this child is a sweet reminder of the Father and His daily grace.

Read Ashtyn’s entire essay here.

Congratulations Ashtyn and Lindsey! We are proud of you!

Bertie's War

Read Barbara Tifft Blakey's first novel, Bertie's War, being released by Kregel Publications. During the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, Bertie enters the 7th grade - the world goes crazy and takes her along. Full of funny moments, historical information, and issues relevant for youth today, Bertie's story entertains fiction readers ages 10 - 14.

To purchase Bertie's War click here.