Total Language Plus is an innovative language arts curriculum focused on critical thinking and communication skills.

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From p. 181 of Cathy Duffy’s Curriculum Manual for Jr/Sr High: 

“I am particularly impressed with the quality of the writing activities.  They teach and stress organization and planning, while offering students ideas about the main points they might wish to include…Total Language Plus’s writing assignments should provide a significant part of your composition instruction.”

From Konos Helps by Kathy von Duyke:

“I was thrilled when my daughter got 100% on her first spelling test.  She has never done that in spite of years of Spaulding…The children enjoy these worksheets.  I love the approach to vocabulary…”

From a review in Mary Pride’s magazine, Practical Homeschooling:

“These are not boring lessons!   Thought-provoking questions and puzzles make learning fun…An excellent introduction to the study of literature.”

Remarks from teachers and students using Total Language Plus in their classroom:

“I am a fifth grade elementary school teacher at Fremont Christian School in California. My class just completed Caddie Woodlawn and we had such a fruitful time. I wanted to give you some positive feedback from a very satisfied teacher. My students were with me throughout the whole book and looked forward to our literature unit time every day. . .I especially enjoyed the personal thinking questions which got them thinking of personal connections to the topics of the chapter before we read it. Those questions were very well thought out and it was an excellent mental stretch for them.” K. H.

“Our students enjoy this literature-language program. . .it is a great language program.” S. W., Cross Roads Community School

“We use TLP for reading, spelling, and vocabulary. It does a great job of meeting these needs. I’m starting to see the kids think more about what they are reading. . .I like how the reading, spelling, and vocabulary are integrated. . .I really like your program. I like all the enrichment ideas and the reading worksheets have helped some students with their comprehension skills a lot.” C. H., Creswell Christian School

I like the curriculum we used in class because it helped me to learn about things I don’t know and it helped me to be better in comprehension. I like the vocabulary the best because it helps me to learn hard words.” M. Y., 10 years old

I have seen my students more interested in their spelling and vocabulary words because they have purpose. J. S., Gig Harbor Christian Preparatory Academy

My students find the novels much more enjoyable and exciting with this approach than with workbooks and text pages. S. D., Willamette Christian