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Bronze Bow (The) Study Guide


Product Information

The Bronze Bow
by Elizabeth George Speare

Driven by hatred for the Romans, Daniel has vowed to see their destruction. His leader is amassing an outlaw force to defeat them, but Daniel has doubts when he hears a teacher from Nazareth preach about the Kingdom of God.

Book Summary (254 pages)
Category: Historical fiction
Theme: Forgiveness, love
Setting: Palestine, 30-33 AD
Novel Study Highlights (7 units)
Spelling-Vocabulary: Medium
Critical Thinking: Difficult
Biblical Focus: Knowing Jesus
Related Studies: Roman Empire, Old Testament prophecies, Old World geography, Jewish traditions

Barbara’s Notes: This book is a must-read! We watch Daniel mature from living a life of revenge to feeling that just to know Jesus is life-fulfilling. (Grades 7, 8, 9)

Product Code: THEBUCWA13

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